IP-based video surveillance systems

TELEPHASE designs, sells, installs, and services quality IP-based video surveillance systems at an affordable price. From a single camera to complete multi-site video management solutions. IP-based video systems enable you to monitor, record, and retrieve multiple streams of video in real-time. Our mobile and remote viewing applications are second to none. No need for dedicated IP addresses or long-term subscription services. Only settle for a video you can use. Poor quality video images from older systems or low-cost bundles available from “big box” stores and on-line retailers are liabilities, not assets. Contact TELEPHASE to see what your missing.

When the time comes and you need clear and reliable video of an incident or critical event, you only have one chance.

Today, "if it's not on video, it didn't happen."


Advancements in today's video technology include people counting & video fencing


TELEPHASE works with higher education to help strengthen campus security


TELEPHASE offers tools to support municipalities and law enforcement


In a region where sports & entertainment reign supreme, TELEPHASE Video Surveillance works in large venues


TELEPHASE works in most medical offices, hospitals and labs to keep their facilities safe


TELEPHASE offers video surveillance solutions for manufacturing and industrial customers


TELEPHASE works with commercial real estate, leasing and rental professionals to help manage large sites


TELEPHASE offers monitoring solutions for industrial plant facilities from the field to the to your headquarters


We specialize in providing customers with advanced video features for single and multi-site requirements

Now, you can have the full access to one or many cameras and locations in the palm of your hand. Our mobile application (app) is available for iPhone and Android devices from their respective app stores. The mobility systems allow you to make your phone a part of your security network by enabling you to remotely view a multi-page view of your security cameras or a larger single camera view, position a camera, zoom in or out, and focus the camera. With these applications you can check security from anywhere. Access from laptops and desktop computers is also available.

Mobility Features 

  • Available for Android and iOS mobile devices 
  • Applications- free-of-charge 
  • Features live and playback video images, control of PTZ cameras, receiving alarms and device management 
  • Safe: data encryption, cell phone/ e-mail registration, pin/gesture password and real-time alarm notification
  • Stable: add/manage/delete cloud devices, main/sub/third stream switch and multi-layer network address translation (NAT) traversal